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Structural FirefightingStructural Firefighting

Structural Firefighting requires a number of tasks inside and outside a structure to ensure the fire is safely and fully extinguished.

These tasks can include:
- Connecting fire hoses to the hydrant
- Raising and extending ladders
- Using tools to make forcible entries
- Entering smoke filled structures with a charged hoseline
- Maneuvering up and down stairs and around furniture searching for victims and the fire 
- Creating openings for ventilation
- Remove occupants from the structure and/or the area

Firefighters can encounter multiple challenges at the scene of a fire and are trained to respond quickly and efficiently while ensuring the safety of all involved. All firefighters duties are performed while wearing full protective equipment and self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA).



Confined Space RescueConfined Space Rescue

The Prince Albert Fire Department responds to situations where people become trapped in hazardous or difficult-to-access environments, such as silos, tankers and other vessels. Crews use specialized skills with supplied-air breathing apparatus and extrication tools to help effect timely rescues.



Medical AssistanceMedical Assistance
We provide supplementary pre-hospital care as first responders when requested. The following are examples of care typically provided by firefighters:

- Assessing a patient's condition and providing appropriate care, such as treating shock or administering oxygen.
- Calming and reassuring anxious or unstable patients who require medical attention.
- Applying resuscitation measures, including CPR or other appropriate cardiac emergency procedures.
- Bandaging wounds, controlling bleeding and immobilizing fractures.
- Assisting in childbirth.
- Providing requested assistance to Parkland Ambulance personnel, including transferring the patient to the ambulance. 


Hazardous Material Response (HazMat) Hazardous Material Response (HazMat)

The Prince Albert Fire Department responds to hazardous materials incidents that could harm employees, the public and the environment.

There are a wide range of incidents including:
- Antifreeze, oil, or biological agent spills
- Leaking gas cylinders
- Cargo tank truck rollovers
- Chemical spills and leaks at industrial sites
- Radiological and explosion events



Motor Vehicle CollisionsMotor Vehicle Collisions

The Prince Albert Fire Department responds to vehicle extrication emergencies to safely remove victims from situations involving entrapment or entanglement.

These crews are trained to use specialized equipment such as high pressure airlift bags, hydraulic rams, cutters, spreaders, winches and an assortment of hand tools. Patients are safely protected and immobilized prior to extrication which occurs in collaboration with medical response personnel.



Ice RescueIce Rescue
The Prince Albert Fire Department performs several ice rescues a year on the North Saskatchewan River. These rescues can be highly technical in nature and require specialized skills and equipment to complete the task. During freeze-up in November and the spring thaw in April, the river is at it's most dangerous state. Always assume the ice is unsafe unless otherwise stated by an authority. 


Trench RescueTrench Rescue
There are hundred's of trenches dug in the city of Prince Albert each year. The Prince Albert Fire Department responds to trench and tunnel collapses ready to initiate an immediate rescue of trapped or injured victims. This low volume, high risk response requires highly specialized skills to function in a disciplined team environment and use very specialized equipment.



Water RescueWater Rescue
The Prince Albert Fire Department performs several rescues a year on the North Saskatchewan River. During spring run-off the river can raise several meters disturbing large trees and other objects creating many challenges during a rescue. Public should be aware that in cold water can quickly drain the energy from a person or overturned boater, and lead to overwhelming weakness and eventual drowning.


Wildland/Interface OperationsWildland/Interface Operations
The Prince Albert Fire Department responds the many natural vegetation fires each year. These fires can be small enough to fit in a back yard, or large enough to cover hectares of land engulfing houses, yards, vehicles and destroying the environment. Citizens can practice prevention methods such as confirming outdoor fires are extinguished and fill out proper burn permit paperwork. 


Rope RescueRope Rescue

While it's true that the Prince Albert area lacks some of the extreme terrain of the mountains, our area still provides a variety of challenges. Towers, grain elevators, waterways, steep inclines and construction projects all present their unique set of rescue problems.

Trained technical rescuers respond to situations requiring rope skills and assist when necessary to construct rope systems to remove victims safely. Techniques include mechanical advantage raising and lowering systems, decending and litter evacuations. A number of specialized knots are used to construct these systems.



Structural Collapse RescueStructural Collapse Rescue
Trained technical rescuers can operate at a variety of structures from wood-framed residences to multi-story masonry commercial buildings. The Prince Albert Fire Department carries the basic tools needed to support and cut surface debris to brace unstable walls, floors, and ceilings so that rescuers can remove trapped victims safely. 

 Prince Albert Fire Department
76 - 15th Street East
Prince Albert, SK
S6V 1E8

Phone: (306) 953-4200
Fax: (306) 922-2272

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