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The Prince Albert Fire Department is governed by the City of Prince Albert Bylaw #22 of 2008 - The Fire and Emergency Services Bylaw, which is based upon the Saskatchewan Fire Prevention Act of 1992. Through these documents, the department enhances public safety by administering permitting processes. For example:

  • Fire Pits, Chimney and Portable Fire Pits
    Fire Bylaw No. 22, Sections 23 and 24, outline the regulations pertaining to open flames and open air fires.

    The Prince Albert Fire Department will attend a homeowner's property on request in order to answer any questions regarding the proper placement and requirements for any new or existing fire pits.

  • Burn Permits
    Fire Bylaw No. 22, section 26, details the regulations pertaining to the acquisition of burn permits.

    Fire department staff members will visually inspect intended burn piles and surrounding areas prior to the issuance of a burn permit.

  • Fireworks
    Fire Bylaw No. 22, sections 34, 35 and 36, details the regulations surrounding the sale and use of fireworks. Fireworks permits may be obtained from the fire department.

Please refer to the Prince Albert Fire Deparment Bylaw No. 22 of 2008, the Fire and Emergency Services Bylaw, on the City of Prince Albert's bylaws page for full details on the topics listed above.

 Prince Albert Fire Department
76 - 15th Street East
Prince Albert, SK
S6V 1E8

Phone: (306) 953-4200
Fax: (306) 922-2272

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